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Steam and soot darken the skies above the city of Flint, and winds sweeping across its majestic harbor blow the choking products of industrial forges into the fey rainforests that dot its knife-toothed mountains. Since the earliest ages when the people of Risur founded this city, they feared the capricious beings that hid in those fog-shrouded peaks, but now as the march
of progress and the demands of national defense turn Flint into a garden for artifice and technology, the old faiths and rituals that kept the lurkers of the woods at bay are being abandoned.

The Unseen Court, the Great Hunt, and the many spirits of the land long ago conquered by Risur’s kings no longer receive tribute, but they cannot enter these new cities of steam and steel to demand their tithe. The impoverished workers who huddle in factory slums fear monsters of a different breed, shadowy children of the new urban labyrinth. Even their modern religions have no defenses against these fiends.

Times are turning. The skyseers—Risur’s folk prophets since their homeland’s birth—witness omens in the starry wheels of heaven, and they warn that a new age is nigh. But what they cannot foresee, hidden beyond the steam and soot of the night sky, is the face of this coming era, the spirit of the age: the zeitgeist.


This is an advertisement for a campaign using the Zeitgeist Adventure Path, published by ENWorld, and written by Ryan Nook (who created the War of the Burning Sky Adventure Path). This settling is more advanced, falling into a combination of traditional sword and sorcery with some industrial concepts (like firearms) added in.

Before submitting a character, I HIGHLY recommend reading the Player's Guide, which sets the entire setting, as well as introducing some new character themes to the adventure. The link to the Player's Guide is below:


When submitting a character, send me the CONCEPT, not a character sheet. I want the name, what class and theme you would like to use, as well as the race. No races or classes are off-limits. What I'm really looking for is the personallity, the background and the hook -- something that can be used to draw your character into the game. Aside from that, I'm open to whatever you can conjure.

I look forward to starting this group up!

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