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Mikon Mura is a small village on the outskirts of the Emerald Empire. A quiet place without much regular connection to the Empire it receives it's news slowly.

Gundo Frugo is the current head of the family that has been in the village for as long as anyone can remember. He'll tell you his lineage stretches back to the fateful exploration of the Twilight Mountains with Hida Heichi and that his ancestor Hida Gundo was given this village and it's valley at the southern edge of Boar lands in reward for his faithful service. When the Boar was wiped out the head of the family was visiting Kyuden Hida and quickly became a minor vassal family in service of the Hida Clan. His family numbered only a few Samurai and were given the task of maintaining a way station upon this small stretch of the Kaiu Roka.

The last few centuries have continued much the same as the centuries before them. The road is kept open and the Samurai of the Gundo family have fought off desperate bandits and foul creatures that cast their unholy appetites upon the road. Lately the family has married off a few of it's members and a couple of the remaining members found themselves missing in the wilds of the area. The family now consists of only Gundo Frugo, and he's sent off letters to the Crab and other Great Clans looking for volunteers to join them in the village but as uninfluential members of an extremely minor vassal family he received little or no help save from the Dragon who have the occasional family member who feels some small measure of responsibility in the area for what happened to the Boar and the Scorpion who set up a home in the valley and send their scouts out west towards gaijin lands from time to time and reveal their reasons to nobody, the Crab of course sent a small number each year but the Gundo family and it's allies has rarely ever totaled more than a dozen active samurai.

Late Winter, 1171
Miya Honna's horse stumbles into the village towards dusk. The horse is tired and at the verge of collapse, she obviously pushed it in order to get to town before sundown. After seeing her horse she arrives at the common room of the local travelers house. "Samurai of Rokugan!" she says after wiping the road off her gear. "We have a new Empress! And an Empress who has not forgotten the trials and tribulations of the area! It has been said she was fond of the history of the Boar while younger and would look favorably upon any Clan that could restore some of the skills and jade mines the Boar were known for. Soon brave Samurai from all across the Empire will be arriving in the area to do her will and find glory!" she announces before taking questions and discussing the other business of the Empire.

Mid-Summer, 1171
The town has picked up, new people seem to arrive every week and some disappear just as fast to head off into the hills looking for glory or honor.

It is my intention that people would be members of the Crab, Scorpion, or Dragon that have had a presence in the town for a few years. You don't have to have been there personally if you don't wish although the plot will center around doing good for the town and the surrounding areas. You will have oath's and obligations to help Gundo Frugo's families original charter in the area but are free to have secondary goals/tasks as well. Basically you were asked to help him and the village by your own clan, not follow his every order without question. For the perceptive you'll notice it said help him and the village. This means there is a great degree of latitude involved to go against his wishes if you think another path is best for the village.

Gundo Frugo (Hida): Heichi Bushi 3, Status 2, Glory 1.
35 years old, one young son of 5. Brothers, cousins, wife, etc are all missing or dead or joined other clans.

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