Blood in the Deep Playtest

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Game Information
  • Created Nov 16 '11
  • Last Post Dec 21 '11 at 9:48am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

I'm hoping to playtest this game with 2 or more players (no upper limit)--it's a simple rules-lite space wargame. There's not really meant to be any baggage or narration in it at this point (though players are free and strongly encouraged to inject fluff and drama into it if they're so inclined--particularly by describing life aboard their ships or the history behind their battle).

Playtesting will just consist of playing out games with the rules and trying to figure out how to break the system and what kind of tactics and abilities are particularly strong or weak. This is going to be a very low-energy playtest for all involved. You just need to post with your moves and orders, and I'll update maps and resolve your actions (since they are simultaneous). Hopefully things keep moving at a good pace, and hopefully it's also fun :) If we get an odd number of interested players you are welcome to play in a second game.

Fiddly Things:

Turns will be resolved 2-3 times per week (we'll start with 2 and work our way up if possible) on Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 Eastern Time. You must provide orders for all your units before then. If possible, we will also resolve a third turn at some point on the weekend.

The particulars of each battle will be sorted out between players, but expect to be starting with a fairly small number of units and gradually working your way up to longer battles.

Other than that, I've very little to say: this is after all a playtest, albeit one with an opportunity to have a little fun RPing.

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