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The year is 2030 and a viral out break from a newly discovered plant from the planet x2g12 also know as The Colony for the fact that it is filled with tons of plants, water, and animals has made the humans on earth turn into a form of zombie which eats the flesh of any living thing but it also does other "Task's" like destroying resources or just doing pointless stuff like crushing cans but there main objective is to wipe out all human life on the planet now the 2 groups of 4 will be split up on in a super mall the other in a warehouse. each zombie players will try to wipe out a group of humans. the humans will try to survive and if possible thrive.
I only have a few rules
1. must post once a day.
2. must know when to get out some in counters will be impossible so you must know when to run.
3. must have fun because if where not then what is the point to playing this.
Game Description:
This is basically a game where i'm going to need 2 groups of 1 person and 2 groups of 4 the 2 groups of 4 are going to be the ones that survived the infection and the 2 groups of 1 are going to be what I call thinkers which are advanced thinking zombies and will be in charge of a group of zombies now the thinker cant just throw like 10 tanks a the wall when there only level one so when the thinker players decide to attack I will tell them what resources they have to attack the players with this is going to be a mix of walking dead, left4dead,and dead space.

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