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The last war was over, the nations of the continent of Khorvaire had come together to sign the Treaty of Thronehold to mark the beginning of a time of peace. The public faces of the Five Nations of Khorvaire displayed that of unity and solidarity as they cooperated for the good of the people across the continent. However, what people weren't aware of was that there was already a new war emerging, not one that would be fought in public view but in the shadows of politics, diplomacy, espionage and assassination. Each Nation still wanted to overthrow the others out of fear and paranoia as well as a lust for greater power and control.

As the rulers of these nations fought for power, there were other organisations emerged seeing their own opportunities to gain power. The secret war between the nations continues but now other organisations are attempting to take advantage wherever there is any sign of weakness. Some factions are more outspoken while others are more subtle but this war rages on while normal people go on with their lives completely oblivious to the secret war that surrounds them.

One such organisation, simply known as ‘The Shadrum’ operate secretly in the shadows and hardly anybody knows of their existence. They are extremely secretive and nobody has ever been able to trace the deeds they’ve committed to their organisation. The operations of this secret organisation have been so discreet that every time someone has been on their trail those people have just ended up going round in circles with no clear evidence or possible suspects to arrest. This organisation has networks and resources in the major cities of Khorvaire but outside the Five Nations, their power and networks are non-existent. The Shadrum may only have networks across Khorvaire while many of their competitors have extended their networks to other continents but they are now seeking to rectify the situation. Their objective is simple, to gain the power to control everything that goes on in the world and to attain this through any means necessary as long as they’re not caught. Not that anybody ever has been caught in the act, or at least to the knowledge of authorities, as operatives of The Shadrum are told that they must deny all knowledge and connection with the organisation in such a situation. This is why the organisation have a record for utilising pawns and outsiders, it makes controlling information that little bit easier. Only a select few at the top of the organisation really know the extents of the power base the organisation has. They are seeking ancient treasures and artefacts that may give them a greater advantage in the war they are waging from the shadows. They are starting to seek powerful allies in every major city of Eberron and they are trying to establish themselves as major players in this game of power.

Recently, there have been a growing number of findings of rare treasures and artefacts being shipped to Khorvaire from the continent of Xen’drik. All of these shipments are coming through Stormreach and The Shadrum are now seeking to establish themselves on this continent. In order to prevent other organisations from obtaining these treasures and artefacts Stormreach has become a target for conquest. The Shadrum need to secure complete control of Stormreach by any means possible in order to gain these treasures and artefacts for themselves. Xen’drik holds many ancient secrets and these must be prevented from falling in to enemy hands but they may also hold the key to obtaining the advantage required to gain the greatest of power in Eberron. They could turn the tides of battle in the secret wars across Khorvaire and across all the continents of Eberron.

You all grew up on the continent of Khorvaire and you all lived through the end of the war ended by the agreement of the Treaty of Thronehold.

You eventually found yourselves involved with The Shadrum operating across Khorvaire working together on various assignments. Now you have been tasked with a very important assignment, one that will determine the future of The Shadrum in their quest for power and control of Eberron. You have been tasked with conquering Stormreach and the only contact The Shadrum have been able to acquire is the owner of a local tavern.

It was quite the journey across the seas to the continent, of Xen'drik, more specifically, to the City of Stormreach. People didn't take much notice of new arrivals, so many different types of people arrived in Stormreach for various reasons and people didn't interfere with the business of others. You follow the instructions to arrive at "The Storm's Edge Tavern", there are some customers sitting at the tables, some half drunk, others asleep and the rest not doing much of anything. Behind the bar is a beautiful female Eladrin just doing some chores behind the bar keeping everything clean and tidy. She catches your eyes as you approach, she seems to be studying you.

In a beautiful, exotic and charming voice she says, "Welcome travellers to the Storm's Edge. Can I get you anything?"

Before you've had a chance to respond at the bar, she leans over and whispers, "You must be the people I've been expecting considering you match the descriptions I've been given. We have some matters to discuss."

She walks out from behind the bar and in an authoritative tone she bangs her hand against one of the tables, "Alright everyone, I'm needing to close up early tonight. Now, get out of here before I get angry."

With some effort she manages to get everyone out, the people who were asleep were posing the greatest challenge but she looked like she was used to dealing with these types of people and the customers must have been regulars as they didn't really seem that bothered by the way she was treating them. As the final person leaves, she locks up the door, points to seats at a table, "How about a drink while we discuss the matters of business? My name is Varalla."


Game Mechanics

This game will be utilising Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition but will also be incorporating some homebrew elements. These elements have not been playtested in any way so this will be the first trial run of the mechanics and depending upon feedback and what happens in game, the mechanics may be revised to better suit gameplay.

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