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The grey form moved through the darkness, barely visible in the Arizona night. Like a ghost unheard, it hustled towards a clump of scrub brush just yards away from a rickety human dwelling situated on the outskirts of an almost forgotten town. Lights within the dwelling and the sound of a TV, indicating occupancy, made the grey form proceed cautiously. Making its way to the scrub brush, it halted then waited.

It was a large dog house adjacent to the human's dwelling that caught the grey's attention. Within it, a pit bull terrier, gnawing on the end of a large piece of rope, shifted around excitedly. Deciding that it was undetected, the grey slowly drew an object and held it towards the dog house. I high pitched droning noise emitted from the object for a few seconds and then stopped. There was a slight whimper sounding from the opening of the dog house. Then silence.

The grey form then hurried to the door and stopped. After listening at the door for a couple of seconds, it twisted the old knob quietly and leaned into the door, causing it to open slowly about 6 inches...

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