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the country was once peaceful, now that peace has been broken.
Great beasts (dragons) have been sighted all over the continent, and their master has taken over your most populated city; kiardas. (100 yrs ago it was known as Rotsden, due to the fact it was very unkept)

This has happened over a course of many years without the local authorities noticing.
You must destroy this evil by traveling the land in search of a powerful stone, simply called the powerstone.
The last time it was seen it was in the hands of a merchant of tradeland.

This world is of my own creation, any Qs can be pmed to me.
I would like characters to have a bit of a backround, if you need the town names, send me a pm.
I need 4-5 players.
P.s dragons have never been in this world prior to the master invading.
Also he has an army of kobolds, ghouls and goblins at his disposal, though you wont meet many ghouls or dragons.

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