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This will be an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game.

We will be using the New World of Darkness sheets because it is the closest character sheet.
The differences in the character sheets will be notes in character creation

Character Creation
All characters start out as Norms

Attributes: 16 points
Qualities(listed as merits on NWoD character sheets): 10
Drawbacks(listed as Flaws): Up to 10
Skills: 30 + 3 points per intelligence
Life= Con + Str x 4 + 10
Endurance = Con + Str + Will x 3 + 5
Speed = Con + Dex x 2 mph

Things required:
Some Character background
Why you are driving on the road where the story begins
List of items in your car that you normally carry
Items you always have with you


Constitution = Stamina
Willpower = Wits
Perception = Resolve



Time is summer, you are coming down the road for whatever your reasons. It is about 6 PM Sunday in Mid-October and it looks like rain. The skies are really gloomy and overcast. The radio all of a sudden switches to an emergency broadcast to let listeners know about a major accident on the road you are on....just as your driving up to the accident.

There are a few other cars here blocked by at least a dozen car pile up. There are a few people standing here observing the wreckage. Cars are spread all over the road including the sides of the road, cars are everywhere. The wreck has obviously happened just a few minutes before you drove up. Some cars are flipped over and quite a few have been smashed in and have definitely caused fatalities.

You are just in time to see two helpful young men run toward a heavy-set man who is struggling to
pull himself out of his truck's broken window. He is covered in blood and groaning in obvious agony. As soon
as one of the men reaches him, he lashes out with a mangled arm. The men shout encouragement, thinking
he wants to be pulled out of his vehicle's cab. They are of course surprised when the man takes a huge bite out
of one their biceps! Screaming, the young man struggles, but the maniac has latched on like a snake, chewing the poor man's arm. His friend grabs at the assailant, only to have the man strike out with his bloody teeth, sinking them into his exposed throat!

You see this scene repeated all around them as mutilated victims crawl from their
wrecked vehicles and fall upon their would-be saviors. It becomes obvious in seconds that you are going to
soon be surrounded by in excess of 20 should-be-dead crazy people.

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