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Game Information
  • Created Dec 9 '11
  • Last Post Mar 15 '12 at 9:04pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

The most recent letters have gone out announcing a new year at the School of Runecrafting.

Each of you has filled out your applications; and now it is time for your first class. There they will determine what rune constellation will best suit you, and you begin the years-long journey to become a Runecaster.

This game is going to use two homebrew systems: the first is a d100 system: you'll have a certain level in each skill, and when rolling to determine success, you must roll lower than your skill; circumstantial modifiers (including defensive skills for your target) will modify your level with each roll.

The second is the spell-learning system. The gist of this is that each spell type is fitted into a specific 'constellation', a set of points in non-specific space. Your characters will form spells by connecting these points in relevant patterns.

More details are available in the forums for the game, from a description of the exact skill mechanics to character creation to how you will improve your characters.

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