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"With no warning, you suddenly hear the voice of what sounds like a gnome
inside your head. “Your services are requested. Bring your companions to
Kern’s Rest and Revelry tomorrow morning to discuss arrangements. Be
prepared for travel. A House Sivis Service.”

The game is
If you've played this mod. before, you might find this boring, as there wont be many changes.
Eyes of the Lich Queen.

4 Players will be accepted.


Starting Level 5
32 Point Buy or Roll
If your total mod is below +3, you can opt for the point buy
Standard Wealth By Level (9000gp) +
Fighter types - Free Masterwork Weapon,
Wizards +1 first level and +1 second level spells in book,
Cleric/Druid/Sorcerer -- 1 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Those who know me know I normally am pretty free wheeling... this is not one of those games. These are the ONLY acceptable sources of Character Creation. The Complete Series will be available for PrCs and such, but not until AFTER gameplay has began.
Accepted Sources:
Yes, Variants too
SRD, Dungeon Masters Guide, Monster Manual 1-5, Eberron Campaign Setting, Players Guide to Eberron, 5 Nations, Magic of Eberron,
no planar shepherd
Faiths of Eberron, Races of Eberron, Secrets of Xen'drik, Dragons of Eberron, Dragonmarked, and Sharn City of Towers.

Bonus: Everyone gains either the Least Dragonmark, or an Aberrant Dragon Mark.

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