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Kyuden Sokora has had a troubled existence over the centuries. Built along the fabled River of Gold it has alternated between prosperous trade outpost, fortified castle to fight off river pirates, and burnt ruins.

With the rise of the Empress Iweko it has recently again become a prosperous trade outpost, a sign of cooperation at the beginning of her reign as the clans cooperated (and fought, but mostly cooperated) to rebuilt the destroyed region. At the conclusion of the Destroyer War many of the lessons learned in this remote Castle were carried over to other destroyed regions.

Spring Festival, 1180, Kyuden Sokora. 7 years after the end of the Destroyer War.
The Celebration of Spring has always marked the time of new beginnings, but never more so than after the end of the Destroyer War. Each new spring and each new generation is a reminder of what was spared the devastation of war and a sign of hope.

A week before the start of the festival a new generation of freshly minted Samurai arrive at the neutral province of Kyuden Sokora. It quickly becomes clear that <insert disaster that draws military away leaving only a small band of green heroes to deal with another problem>.

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