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The Exiled Legion. Thousands strong, consisting of whatever scum the nobles could dig out or up to fill the quota. Sent to the back of beyond, the Wall to guard eternally against the everpresent threat of raids from the Barbarians of the Vale of Surdun. Rapists, murderers, debtors, unfortunates. The Legion takes them all, and marks them with their brand. They serve the kingdom, or they serve as examples.

Now, you have joined them. Gathered by diverse nobles, the investiture is somewhat ceremonial. You are to be delivered to Horokan, citadel of the Legion. You will join their ranks, and take your place among this most distrusted of armies. The only other option is death. Once you have sworn your oaths, your life is fixed. Till the day you die, you are a Legionnare. Trying to run will only hasten that day.

Welcome to the Legion.

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