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Now accepting readers to help collaborate on the story.

Campaign Outline: It is the beginning of the third tenday of Kythorn 1372 DR, The Year of Wild Magic. Something stirs deep in the High Forest, and it is not for the feint of heart. The shadows of the northern mountains darken the lands. The wildlife across all the north seems unsettled, as if some great threshold is approaching. The wheel turns and it seems as though the land itís self is fearful of the next dawn. Dragons roam the coutryside, Orc hoards build strength and the shaky truce of the Silver Marches has yet to face any real tension. Now is truly the time for change in these lands, the only question is who will be at the head of the table when the music stops.

Adventure Threads:
The Wilderness Under Open Skies
Something Stirs in the Deep Wood
Into a Pit of Sharpened Tornskulls
Behind the Shadows of the Rauvin

Accelerated Combat: In my past PbP games I have used a system to move combat encounters along at a speedier pace. You will be asked to give me your plan for the encounter, and enough dice rolls for a couple rounds of battle. I will then post a summary of the action so far and ask for more input. Typically running 2-3 rounds of combat per GM post. link to sidebar

Thinking in Public: When you make a post as your character I want you to always think of four things, actions / thoughts / words / plans. I'm not saying you have to include all four points in every post, but I would encourage you to explore your character. Yes, you perform an action and you say something, but what is the reasoning you have for that course of action? What are the tertiary things going through your characters mind at that moment? Did something happen in your past that compels you to act this way in this situation? What is your ultimate goal for trying this action? What do you plan to do next? Always remember that there is no word limit to a character post. link to sidebar

My Take on the Realms: Events prior to this campaign's start date of 20 Kythorn 1372 DR can be considered cannon as I will look to them for setting and history of each area. Events taking place on the official timeline at any point after 20 Kythorn 1372 DR are subject to change though. In some cases I may have future events unfold just as they did in the official source material, in some cases I may make drastic changes, and I may add major events that never occured in the official timeline. I may change established characters around or just tweak something about them to fit my story. link to sidebar

Forum Organization: Since I have ended up with several sub folders for the game and world information, I felt it may help to post a thread explaining how I am organizing things. link to sidebar

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