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Current Year: 423SC
Itís only been 2 years since the War of the Souls and the fall of Paladine and Takhisis, and the world of Krynn has been spun into disarray. The lack of the Primary God of Light, and his counterpart the evil queen of darkness, has created a power vacuum that seems to be consuming everything in its wake. Paladineís sacrifice has clearly created a problem that seems to grow and fester with each passing day. Gods of Good and Evil all vie for power and control of the pantheon, and in their wake they leave the mortals to pay the price; with some backing Mishakal, and others backing Morgion, and still others who prefer to be left alone. While the Gods of Neutrality seemingly having the inability to control the coming storm; it all seems to be coming to a head as tensions rise, sides are taken, alliances are made and everything seems to be leading to one thing. . .

In Solamnia the city of Solanthus seems lost to the SLA (Solanthus Liberation Army), as the nobles and the Knights of Solamnia themselves have been driven out from the city and surrounding lands. Now the Situation has been made worse as Lord Marshall Tardanius, Commander of the Legion of Knights in the Solanthus area has been murdered along with over 2,500 Knights of Solamnia (Along with over another 2,500 men at arms, commoner, volunteers and various groups lending aid). The Massacre has left the entire area severely destabilized. The only hope for the area seems to lay with a skilled diplomat and noblewoman by the name of Mya Plainswind. The Lady Plainswind is a woman well known for her peacemaking and negotiating skills. However it seems now she has gone into hiding along with a Rouge Knight of Solamnia Lord Mitchell Bouron. For whatever reason the two (along with a few loyal knights to Bouron) have fled the area and not been seen since.
What hope is there for a weakened and torn city of Solanthus, as war in this region rages on. . .

Still in all of this an unknown force of humanoids led by the mysterious figure known only as Ankhar rages across ALL of Solamnia, destroying everything in his wake. His army seems relentless. Ankharís horde seems to have no limit to the troops he has been able to amass. The mysterious humanoid seeks no land or prize. The humanoid war lord has no interest in any gain of any kind that anyone can see. His only purpose is pure destruction and annihilation of anything and everyone in his path. Cities, towns, and villages have been falling in the wake of the humanoid army, and with the already weakened stated of the Knights of Solamania, it doesnít seem like there will be much hope for a quick end to war Ankhar rages.
. . . And his reasons still remain a mystery.

With the Knights of Solamnia being weakened by the massacre in Solanthus, itís now come to light that forces of Morgion have infiltrated the ranks of the Noble Knights. How far the deception and corruption of the knights goes seems to be unknown. Knights are quickly questioning their commanders at every turn; trust in the knighthood is shattering it from within. As more knights are discovered, more become worried, and even more people begin to lose faith. Many people believe that the once great and noble knighthood is seeing its last days. Many others believe that without Paladine to guide them, the Knighthood simply canít survive. The scariest thought to rise yet has been one of blame on Paladine himself. As many believe that the situation within the region and its destabilization is the fault of the former God himself. A fact which to some people, simply canít be disputed and only provides more levity to the already festering corruption from within.

To the south, The Towers of High Sorcery now face their own problems. As growing faith in the council of wizards fades like a distant memory, the Towers seem to be at a cross roads as they are unable to contain the growing spread of Wild Magic (DMís note: 3.5 Sorcerer Class). The towers themselves seem be losing control from within as a political struggle from within threatens to tear the towers apart. Fewer people are coming to take the test each day, and with all the other problems dark secrets have been coming to light that could threaten to extinguish the Towers of High Sorcery forever.
Many people within believe the Towers may never recover from the damage. . .

Meanwhile to the North a mysterious enigmatic figure named Lord Ditrivus has risen to power and has taken over Storms Keep. Defying all the Gods he has sworn an allegiance to the dead goddess Tahkisis. Making a vow he has sworn to return his faction of Dark Knights back to power, returning them to the honor and the glory of Arikan himself. However the Knights of Neraka have other plans and have begun cleaning house, The New Lord of the Night has declared his faction the only true Faction and anyone not with them are mere mercenaries, and therefore subject to be hunted. Some have signed on others have vowed vengeance, but the battle lines have been drawn and everyone can see a war coming between all the knighthoods.

With all of this it too; has now been revealed that Lord Ditrivus and his brother Angriff Morgan are the twin mortal sons of Takhisis herself. The two brothers have now begun a desperate and unholy search to bring their mother back from beyond; a search that seems to be working.
And with all of these knighthoods struggling to survive, the battle ground could be anywhere. . .

Equally surprising to the revelation of Takhisis twin sons, has come the revelation that Mishakal and Valthronis (Paladineís now mortal form) have birthed their own mortal child named Thea. As the hunt by all the gods pursues across the plains of Krynn to find the child, many question the timing of these two seemingly coincidental events.

And there are those within the faith of the cloth that believe the end of times, and the end of Krynn is at hand!!!

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