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Oh, my beloved Enchanted Lands! A long time ago, chaos, fire and blood stained your soil when the demons from abyss marched and tried to conquer us all. The violent battles that took place upon you... they costed the lives of millions of your inhabitants. They wiped out entire kingdoms and races. But it could have been worse, if not for the efforts of the legendary Warrior of Ice and the Holy Alliance. Thanks to them, peace and love triumphed over the forces of evil, and the demons were defeated and pushed back to the depths of hell!

But, after times of peace and prosperity, the nightmare is about to come back, worse than ever. Before his defeat at the hands of the Warrior of Ice, Akron, the Black Lord, left on your lands the seeds of his next attempt to conquer our world. His plot is already being executed, and once again, the doom looms over you. Oh, Enchanted Lands! What will happen this time? Will new champions rise to face and defeat Akron and his son, Dargor? Will you survive another bloodshed?

- Aresius

Hello everyone and welcome to the Enchanted Lands! A world where an epic battle between the forces of good and evil will soon decide the fate of every creature that inhabits its lands. A world in dire need of champions capable of facing the forces of hell! Are you one of them?

This game is loosely based on Rhapsody of Fire's Emerald Sword Saga. It will depict the invasion of the forces of Hell upon the Enchanted Lands. The characters, who are champions of Irengard, will be the main heroes fighting the Dark Lord, Akron, and his fiendish army.

You can expect a balanced mix of (brutal) combat, specially agains demons, devils and undead, and roleplay.

More info about the setting can be found on the game's forum.

To keep the game flowing, I'd like players to post at least once every two days.

Starting Level: 16th

I will be slowly expanding the world's info, but the basis needed to create the characters are already up.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here. Do not send PMs; your doubt can be the same as someone else's.

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