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Under the "leadership" of the grizzled pirate Delerno Fandanirri, the Mynock pirates/mercenaries/pilots for hire fly missions for whoever pays them the most! Starfighter action abounds in this SAGA Edition game based on the themes of the Rogue Squadron books!

The Mynocks have been greatly reduced in number--their captain dead along with most of their crew. Only a handful of pilots, a couple of droids, and a grizzled old Duros too mangled to fly on missions remain, but that's enough to run a pirate squadron out of a heavily-modified bulk transport. They'll fly for the highest bidder, just as they always have... but will the Mynocks, under new management now that everyone else is dead, start to develop ties of their own? The New Republic is on the cusp of beating back Zsinj's forces, but rumors of a living Grand Admiral are whispered in every backwater cantina. Now's the perfect time to pick one side... or the other!

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