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Revenants: The Order of Lazarus

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  • Created Dec 28 '11
  • Last Post Jan 5 '12 at 3:59pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Fate/Fudge

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Game Description

Welcome to your grave...

Shush your hollow whimpering and listen to this voice and the truths it whispers. True, it may be bitter deceit pouring from devilish lips; or the stirrings of some insanity of your own; or perhaps your coffin creaks under the weight of earth and sky in ways that fragile minds warp into words.

Does it really matter? Here you lie in a damp, dark coffin, alone and abandoned – what does it matter who or what whispers to you? Cling to every damned word of it …

You are dead, it whispers, and buried.Yet … here you are, on the wrong side of the door, the side where you can still smell the rot and greasy mud, where you can hear the worms rubbing their leathery hunger on the walls of your coffin.
How did you get here? What happened to you? What were you before and what are you now?


Forget any empty truths and answers but one: what you truly need to find is a way out before you run out of air or sanity, before they come to burn your heart and cut your head off, before the demons down below figure out their tally is one wretched soul short.

Claw at the wood or stone, scream your rotten lungs out or dig your way out with your teeth. While you do that, there’s time enough to answer the other important question …
… who are you?

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