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The pendulum of good and evil has swung upon its eons long arms since before time was born. It's inexorable path has always inscribed the balance of hope and despair, swinging towards one pole and then the other with unerring certainty.

Until now.

Entities outside the multiverse, ones far greater than mere gods, known only as the powers-that-be, stir from their slumber, awakened by the disturbance. Their creation is breaking. The Enemy pounds on the gates of reality. Evil's grip on the world is so tight, that it may never see the light of hope again. If the pendulum does not resume its path soon, everything that is will fall into emptiness.

In desperation, the powers-that-be reach through time and space, seizing the souls of mortal heroes, forged in a brighter age long past. For these souls, the powers forge bodies, stronger than any that have walked on this earth before.

You are those souls, these are your bodies. Your Enemy is unlike anything that has ever been seen before. Fortunately, your allies aren't either.

PremiseLong ago in a brighter age, you were heroes. You lived your life and died and thought your rest assured. But now, forces beyond the power of mere gods have brought you back. You inhabit a new body with new abilities that are as wild and strange as they are powerful. If you have any hope of surviving against the world-breaking forces that besiege the beshadowed world, you must master your unfamiliar skills and do so quickly.

Your task seems clear, however everything is not what it seems. Trust no one and nothing except this warning: What you face is not only powerful beyond the dreams of man but cunning in its madness.

SettingMostly, the world that this game takes place in is a reflection of ours, circa 1947. The continents are in the same configuration, the monuments of that era have been erected (though their current state is in question) and the nations and peoples remain part of history. Like our world, magic is believed to be no more than a fable and humans dominate society. In truth, magic and non-humans have merely been marginalized all along and, in light of recent events, have once more returned to the public eye.

What are these recent events? First, a word about time. Though the world is at the technological and cultural level of 1947, the true year is closer to 1965. In the intervening eighteen years, what we consider to be history progressed differently. In 1947, the Enemy appeared. No one was prepared. The European nations, depleted by war, were hit the hardest. America, with its surplus of battleships, weapons and booming economy, tried to fight back. They were crushed. The Enemy could not be fought with battleships or tanks or rifles. The only true weapon against the enemy vanished with the age of heroes. New heroes from from the fragmented magical communities attempted to vanquish the Enemy but they were too weak. It is all life can do to cling to the face of an earth that is ever more ravaged by abject evil every day.

The exact nature of the Enemy is unknown. It is certain that it comes from outside the multiverse and is a force of madness and destruction. Its presence is mostly felt in the material beast that it spawns. These creatures are aberrations of the most grotesque nature, alien beings with incomprehensible powers and motives. They come in near infinite shapes and sizes and seem to be truly infinite in number. Against these forces, what hope does the world have to survive?

CharactersYou are the hope. Equipped with powers just as strange as those of the Enemy, you are heroes ripped from an age that could have defeated what is unassailable in the current one. You are the paragons of good that will defeat the evil that so tightly grips the world and return the swinging of the pendulum to its proper course.

It won't be easy. Sincerely, I wish you good luck.

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