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This land feels strange. It feels both empty, yet alive. The sky is cloudless and clear, yet dark and dreary. The people seem that call this place home can be carefree one moment, yet anxious and even paranoid the next.

The name Vallimoore appears in your mind. That's right, you think to yourself. That is what this place is called. A peculiar kingdom that seems to exist out of the way of civilization, yet is quite civilized on its own. Existing far from the normal trade routes, this place has grown to become somewhat unique compared to the bordering kingdoms and empires or at least that is what you have heard.

You look around and see that there are several others on-board the train car with you, heading to the same stop as yourself. You look out the window and see nothing but rolling fields filled with either livestock or some kind of crop or another. Your destination is much further on from here so you take a short nap. When you awake it is some time at night. The passenger car you're in is quite dark with the only light to be had comes from the moon above which quite oddly, shines brighter than the sun had in this bizarre place.

You look out to the moonlit land outside and you can see a village or two in the distance. But as you look out you notice a few strange things, even stranger than the oddly bright moon. No stars can be seen in the sky above, not even the brightest of them. Yet you can plainly see that the sky is free from any cloud cover. More towards the ground you can see shapes in the distance. They look like people, yet all they do is stand there. Watching the train pass by or, as you can't help but feel, you. Though you can't see their features you can't help but feel their eyes locking onto yours. You look away and force yourself to sleep away these paranoia fueled thoughts.

The next day the train has reached your destination, Last Haven. As you walk towards the city gates of the fog coated town, your mind drifts back to the figures you saw the previous night. Your mind lingers on that thought before you push it to the back of your mind. You came here for a reason. With your mission in mind, you continue on towards the town, unaware of what is to come.

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