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Join the Ever-Victorious Baatezu Army!: Mercenaries of the Blood War (Heavy rp, medium tactical combat)

"The thing most smoothskins ask me, when they ask at all, is ‘Did you do it?’ That presumes of course they are interested in talking to one of my race and ilk, but the sensationalistic report of what had happened out near Ribcage are lies and slander, just lies and slander. Of course, most smoothies don’t like talking to me, don’t find my lovely hide all that pleasant to look at, for one. For creatures that seem to be colored like walking corpses, I don’t understand the sentiment. Not that many people care of course; they would rather take the time to beat a berk so much as look at him, and being large red and menacing just makes it all the easier.

Yeah, I did it. I would do it again too, addle-coved nobodies got in our way. A planar caravan is easy pickings, and anyone not smart enough to drop a few gold pieces for competent guards deserves what they get. Take your cut and let them walk, smart idea right? Oh no, they had to fight, make it all messy-like. I am a reasonable fellow, but I’ll be damned if I let my servants fall to pieces under a farmer boy’s sword. It’s not civilized I tell you! That’s when it happened: the smoothies never really stood a chance in the slightest. When you can peg a flesh-bag from 250 paces, how the hell is he going to draw his sword on you? Not bloody likely, berk! Took 'em all out, y'know. Men, women, children, what does it matter? They all bleed the same and even us ‘monsters’ have kin. The children are pretty tasty, and a berk has to eat you know.

Not that I go for the stuff personally all that often, but Grak’lor had a sweet tooth. Tastes like pork you know, long pig. Smooth flesh peels right off the first spit and just melts in your mouth. Delicious. Besides, we were doing them a favor, we were. Did it all quick-like, which is more than I can say for some of the folks we have done in. Like I said, if you stay reasonable we treat you real reasonable, yeah?

Well, that’s the big story. Place a few bones in an artful décor and suddenly you have a damnable crusade on your hands. I mean, even if it was a spur-of-the-moment feeling, it was just a joke. Bones were going to waste and all the tender meat was gone. ‘Monsters’ this and ‘demons’ that. The sheer injustice of it makes you sick. Not like I haven’t seen a few non-humanoid’ heads on pikes and the like. Sir “Demonslayer” has to get his rocks off knocking over a few Fresh-Fangers to be a real man. Yeah, I have no pity for them. We’re going to live here too, and we’ve been here a lot longer than the smoothskins have. I had the singular misfortune to run into a magical trap, wasting most of my comrades. Not that they were any use to me, as they couldn’t even save me with their paltry lives. Good help is terribly hard to find these days.

That's where you cutters come in and I stop rambling. We need competent folks, folks that know the sharp end of the stick and can keep to their bloody contract. I'm tired of second-stringers and nobodies, and if your little team has the collective brass to get into the big leagues...I can take you there.

All you need to do is just look over a few documents..."

The hooded cambion smiles, gleaming white teeth reminiscent of a shark as he claps his mailed hands together once. A small imp, cringing, carrying a stack of papers throws them on top of a table covered in maps, red arrows, and scribbling.

Hey all,

I finally decided to take the plunge and run a game on here. Having been kicking around for a number of games as a PC and co-DM, I finally found a story arc I would like to see come to fruition.


The fronts of the Blood War touch along the entirety of the multiverse all the way from Sigil proper down the lowest Prime Material world. All the various demonic/devilish incursions suffered on backwater planets serve as a constant tete-a-tete with the Baatezu and Tanar'ri locked in a perpetual struggle They are 'helpfully' assisted by both the ‘officially’ good powers, as well as the ever-fickle Yugoloths…along with anyone else who doesn’t want a vile crusade across the Rings and the end of existence.

So cutter, all this is common knowledge to the rest of the multiverse. Who cares right? The Blood War can never be truly 'won'....

Or can it?

The PCs will be the formation of a mercenary company out of Sigil recruited into the ranks of the Baatezu, eager to shore up their flagging numbers. A recent maneuver through Pandemonium went disastrously wrong, and cambions and alu-fiends have been slowly trawling the Great City of Sigil, looking for those who have a desire for power. Someone has a 'brilliant' idea, and someone wants the war to be won, badly.

The PCs will form up a company, complete with a name, crest, history, war chest, and support network to get them along. They are important enough to be hired as a group, rather than ground as arrow fodder like the second chancers and petty petitioners of the Lower Planes. There is a reason for this, and it would be revealed in due time.

The Blood War has a lot of folks drawn up in it. I can see a party of grim mercs just as easily as I can see emissaries of the Upper Planes, looking to keep the ball rolling. Based on the accepted applications, I will tailor a bit of the mercenary group to reflect the dominant alignment/regional affiliations. Good characters will not be biased against, I am aware of how they stand out on evil planes. As such your happy Baatezu employers are more than willing to supply alignment protection contracting and life insurance policies to you for a small fee…..

Enter you lot. Heavy on the rp and the combat is, frankly, out of this world. This *is* the Blood War, after all, the greatest show in the Multiverse.


Number of PCs: 6. ONE player gets to play the commander of the mercenary company. That player will be level 9, and be responsible for coming up with the overall battle plan to your baatezu liaison. Know your place in the pecking order, berk. They will assist me in bringing the merc company to life. For those who aren’t in command, you will each have a significant magical item* in compensation and have less likely a chance of being eaten for failure. Life sucks, get Protection from Evil.

Level of PCs: 8. No LA greater than +2

Stats: Roll two sets of 4d6v1 dropping the lowest die, and take the better set. Take your lowest stat in that group and make it a 16.

Max HP levels 1-4. Rest are 1/2 hp + Con as normal.

Class: All standard classes from books below. Non-standard class, just request it of me ahead of time in the discussion thread and I'll either approve or disapprove. Please cite the source book for it as well.

Race: Anything +2 LA and below is fair game. You’re in Sigil. Templates are allowed, but run it by me first. Please give me a reference for anything out of the ordinary. Let me know if you are a Planar or a Prime. Level buy-off allowed.

Alignments: Unrestricted, but no Chaotic Evil unless you have a stellar application! Be prepared for moral ambiguity. Also, if you start to act out of your alignment, expect to start slipping a bit. I expect people to play out their moral decisions. NOTE: this is not to penalize Good players alone. Most planar good creatures understand the score for how the Blood War is.

Sources: Core, Complete Series, PHB2, Fiendish Codex II, Fiend Folio, Manual of the Planes, Savage Species, Planar Handbook, Manual of the Planes, Unearthed Arcana, Libris Mortis, Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (not Magic of Faerun, etc), BoED/BoVD, Draconomicon, Heroes of Horror, Tome of Battle.

I am well aware of how tiers work in a game like this. There will be slight adjustments to ensure that lower tiered character classes can be effective. I promise. A fighter may lead the war party, a planar ranger can scout the terrain, thief can steal plans, etc etc. To survive the Lower Planes, you all need to be pulling your weight. I’m also familiar with optimization builds so while they are generally allowed, a creative PC will be more likely will be picked…all other things being equal. Your enemies are not stupid and will counter what you throw at them over time.

I also highly recommend people having skills beyond standard adventurers, and even NPC classes such as Expert could be useful. As such you will get ONE free skill point to invest in a cross-class skill as a class skill per level. This is ONLY for that skill, so no hoarding. This represents your specialty to the company such as armorer, paymaster, etc. I hope one of you has Profession(lawyer) *grins*.

Wealth: 30,000 gp each. In addition to this, the party will have a war chest of 50,000 gold pieces in which to divvy up between players, purchase supplies/followers, and get around the planes. Anything else has to be earned in a contract or looted.

Please cite your sources for magical items and so on if they aren’t standard items in the DMG. Kthx.

I reward creativity, and if you have a good idea that doesn’t have a stat or a roll for it, I will make it up on the spot. I like players thinking outside the box, and hack and slash bores me.

Caveat is that XP will be gained through roleplaying and at certain quest points, unless events (Deck of Many Things, magic items etc) grant it.

If you backstab the other PCs or metagame you’re dretch chow. I have a zero tolerance policy for players who get out of line in terms of being a jerk or messing up the rest of the party.

If you go AWOL on me for too long, you just volunteered to move to the front lines for the berserker rush. If you are disappearing or need a break, just tell me and I will NPC you along. Just give me and the other players the same courtesy we would give you.


As for me? I've been on here for something like 5 years, and played in at least two dozen games, if not more. I've ran a few tabletop games but nothing to this scale. I have been playing D&D for something like 10 years. For those who know me, I am very partial to good rp, gut-wrenching moral choices, and seeing characters grow. I also like humor. Happy DM avoids the ‘Rocks Fall Everybody Dies’ backup plan.

I will unabashedly favor those who create compelling characters and offer a story that will enhance the game for all. I would like to see this game get to near-epic levels, but having been on will take awhile. I look for people willing to put effort in, for I will put effort as a DM in making this as fun as possible. The story is semi-open ended. You have the choice to accept or decline contracts, travel the planes, etc. Sometimes declining can be nasty but hey….you’re tough cutters and its just a piece of paper, right? :)

So who wants to sign the company payroll?
”Remember, it’s loot, pillage, rape and then burn! The first three can be done in any order but the burning comes last, idiots!”

(*Significance may or may not be considered significant to the assigned player in question, ‘useful’ is defined as in correlating to directly keeping you on the mortal coil. Terms and conditions apply.)

Recruiting closes the 25th.

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