Darkness Rises

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Game Information
  • Created Jan 21 '12
  • Last Post Oct 8 '12 at 3:52am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Werewolf

Game Description


It's Halloween day. You are in Washington D.C. at a local bar. News reports have been playing on the radio the past few days about monsters running around the country. Most people, including you have taken these "sightings" as a halloween prank. As you are enjoying your drink, an explosion rings out above the music in the bar followed by the sounds of sirens and screams. The patrons of the bar run to the door to see what is going on outside. Before you are able to get up, the music stops.
"We interrupt your normal broadcast to bring you this emergency broadcast. A flying beast is attacking our nation's capitol! So far it has claimed the lives of over twenty people. We ask that if you are in Washington D.C. that you please make your way out of the city. Repeat a flying monster...." (static) As the broadcast ends abruptly, you hear more explosions and the sound of gunfire. Then you hear it, a roar that is louder than you have ever heard. It sends chills down your spine and curls your blood. Cars screeching to a halt can be heard outside the bar. Then a car crashes into the side of the bar, breaking down part of the wall and slamming to a halt after half of it has entered the bar. The crash has flipped you off your seat at the bar and you end up on the floor.
As you come to, the people who were sitting where the car crashed have began to slowly stand up, necks twitching, eyes white, and began lumbering towards you. The barkeep pulls his double barrel from behind the counter and shoots at the things now half walking half limping towards you. As they begin to fall he screams at you to get out the bar using the exit in the back. As you get out the bar, You hear him say, "Ill be there shortly."

Character Creation

All characters start off as norms but with one hidden ability that comes out during your first monster attack. As the game progresses you will be alotted more abilities to coincide with the class you will become.
Attributes: 16 points
Abilities: 10( not including those you will learn throughout the game)
Drawbacks:up to 10
Life=Stamina+str x4+10
Speed=Stamina+dex x 2mph

Things required-
Character background.
Why you are in D.C.
A base element for your character. (Earth, Fire, Water, or Air) this element will determine how you will attain your divinity or demonic form.
Items you have on your person.
If you choose a person who is not human but is "disguised" as human put a description of natural abilities and if immune to "supernatural" diseases such as zombie virus, vampire virus, or werewolf virus. In Darkness rises some immunities will grant you benefits of the creature that bit you along with side affects but you will not be completely infected. (ie you wont turn into a werewolf but will have their strength and agility.) Humans can only be immune to werewolf disease And only if they have the wolf gene. Remember, even if your character is another race, they will have basic abilities to start.

Not using composure, presence, or manipulation

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