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The greatest mortal nation which has ever graced the planet, the Holy Lodis Empire spans the known world in some form or another. It is a combined autocracy and theocracy, with the Emperor and the Church perpetually struggling for power over the dozens of component states and provinces, though this competition is largely out of view of the public eye. The Lodis Empire was forged through blood and conquest but also through diplomacy and guile. As such, many of the component nations have some degree of autonomy.

One such province is the Island of Ostorea. Conquered not even a century previously, the frigid Northern isle is nominally a part of the Empire, though it contributes little in terms of trade or wealth. The leader of the island is the installed governor Naris. The island was historically divided into northern and southern regions, each claiming dominion over the island and many bitter wars were waged on the poor soil. However, with the coming of Lodis, the south decided to fight while the North pledged fealty. It is such that Naris, one of the ruling line of the North, has retained some measure of power over the island.

However, the Empire has heard whispers of discontent from Ostorea and perhaps even talk of rebellion or secession. Such cannot be allowed, as the Lodis Empire draws strength in solidarity and any one component country which rebels could incite a massive chain reaction in other areas. Although these rumors are as of yet unfounded, a small expeditionary force has been dispatched to investigate these claims.

You are part of this expeditionary force. Whether you are a member of the Lodis military, paramilitary, or a mercenary, you will travel by ship to the island to investigate and determine the threat to the Empire's stability.

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