WWII: Honour and Fidelity

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Game Information
  • Created Jan 24 '12
  • Last Post Mar 6 '12 at 11:26pm
  • Status Complete
  • System GURPS
  • Setting Historical

Game Description

Adventurers, mercenaries, criminals, traitors, or those betrayed by the own country all kinds of men can be found in the ranks of the Foreign Legion. Men of all nationalities and creeds, regardless of their past affiliations, have pledged themselves to serve France on the battlefield. Their motto: Legio Patria Nostra, the Legion is our Fatherland.

This is a long-term campaign about soldiers in the French Foreign Legion during the Second World War. Though the characters are fictional, we will be following the history of a real-life Legion unit, the 13th Demi-Brigade, from it's formation to the end of the war. Expect a mixture of lighthearted adventure and grim combat experiences. Along with combat missions, I hope to explore some other themes of Legion life: camaraderie and rivalry within the squad, coming to terms with the past, and the psychological impact of war.

The game is no longer recruiting, but PM me if you would like to join as a reader, or want to be considered as a player in the future.

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