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  • Created Jan 29 '12
  • Last Post Apr 6 '12 at 6:49am
  • Status Complete
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

In another world, much like ours, but so very different, ships sail through the skies, powered by steam and sail. The ground below is obscured by great clouds of smoke belched out by massive city-factories. 7 great empires rule the world, and the last major conflict is fading into memory.

But something new always lurks...tensions are rising, things are moving and shifting in shadows, and more and more people are turning to the sky, yearning for freedom...

Here, in the floating port of New Shangrila, the captain of the Free Aether Society vessel Quenzel has advertised open bunks for crew and/or passengers.
"Sign on up," the ad suggests, "It's a world of wonder out there!"

And that's the pitch. Here's the nitty-gritty.

First and foremost, this is an experimental game and setting. I've been wanting to run a steampunk/airship game for some time, and figured might as well try out the WoD system. What does this mean for you, the player? Well, rolls and rules may change suddenly, depending on how well I feel they fit with the setting/are they fun. It also means I'll need plenty of feedback. If you don't like a system/rule, let me know!

Now, the fun stuff:
I'm looking for six players and I've already got three. When you apply, please generate a character as you would for a normal, Mortal WoD game (replacing the Computer skill with Steam skill), and choose a faction (listed below). PLEASE prep a short backstory on why your character is seeking the life of a skyship adventurer. If you have any questions about factions/empires, feel free to PM me.

The Factions:
-Her Majesty's Most Majestic Empire: Once the greatest empire on the globe, they have fallen into stagnation and eventual decline. They hold their heads high, however, and do their best to ignore the fact that their glory days are gone.

-Holy Russian Empire: The preeminent industrial powerhouse on the planet, this theocracy has the largest military force active today. Almost all consumer goods and technology come from the Siberian Industrial Complex (a massive factory that stretches nearly across the whole northern half of the country). They are a hard-working, industrious people, but not without their dreams.

-Jade Dragon Collective: While nobody may produce as MUCH as the Holy Russian Empire, nobody makes PRETTIER things than the aloof Jade Dragon Collective. Though they are on the bleeding edge of form AND function, they still maintain ties to their past, frequently meditating on those that have gone before them.

-Federation of Roman Territories: Life's about looking good, they'll tell you. And boy do they! If it's fashionable, you can be almost certain it came from this loose alliance of formerly separate states. They're not much for industrial goods and manufacture, preferring to pursue art, fashion, and mostly....pleasure.

-Free Aether Society/Subasian Dominion - The floating cities of the FAS are the great shipping hubs of the skies. Traders from all nations gather on them, swapping cargo, stories, and crew. The citizens themselves pride themselves on their neutrality, often acting as peacekeepers wherever they are. Such policing is not merely limited to individuals, either...all skysailers fear crossing their military, and even the boldest pirate would think twice about attacking their merchant vessels.
The Subasian Dominion, while technically their own entity, is so similar to the FAS that any differences are purely aesthetic.

-United Nations under Sheik Al-Zaherod: The newest, and certainly most mysterious player to come onto the global scene, caught everyone by surprise when they organized in the midst of a war between the Holy Russian Empire and the Jade Dragon Collective. They repelled both armies from their lands and closed their borders. Occasionally, people claim to have a piece of technology (which is almost always far beyond the capabilities of even the advanced Jade Dragon Collective (or so they claim)) from these enigmatic desert dwellers, or, even more rare, actually met one, but almost all are lying.
(PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to play a member of this faction, you and I will have to work out some serious backstory and plots and whatnot.)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this, and I look forward to testing this setting out!

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