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[An Introduction]
You are now a mighty hero. You and your companions conquered the Keep on the Shadowfell, aided the Mages of Saruun and kept Thunderspire from coming apart and even ventured into the Pyramid of Shadows and survived to tell the tale. Now with steel and spell at the ready you venture forth to battle evil on a grander scale... welcome to the Paragon Tier!

[Game Master]
That would be me, Sillaric

[Game Explanation]
This will be a Paragon Tier game using the P 1-3 modules from WotC. I will be making a number of tweaks to the encounters (and likely removing a fair number) so that the game doesn't bog down. The bad news is that I already have three of the five players in place already so I only need a Striker and a Controller.

[Application Process]
Post your application here is this thread in the following format (you can include your statblock at the bottom if you want, but it cannot replace the regular format):

Character Name:
Class (Subclass):

Physical/Personality Description: A paragraph or more (2 max please) describing your character's physical appearance and personality. If you want to put secrets into your characters personality you can "private tag" them in this area. Include how your character reacts to stress/danger, how your character dresses in the field, in the tavern, etc and how he/she generally deals with others socially.

Background: No more than 3-4 paragraphs (2 is fine if you can get the point across that quickly). Please see below for some guidance on how this needs to be.

Writing Sample: This can be a sample from a game you're in already but I'd rather it be something you've written for this character. It doesn't have to be super long, just do some in-character writing to show case who your character is and show off that you are capable of solid grammar and spelling.


Link to APPLICATIONS folder:

[Character Creation]
Creation will be standard for a character starting level 11 using the 22-pt buy. You get three magic items free (one 12th, one 11th, one 10th) and 5000gp extra for equipment. You can trade your magic items for a lower level item but you do not get any cash equivalent back out of it and you can not turn any of your three magic items into gold. Anything in the Character Builder/Compendium is fair game including Essentials builds if you like.

In terms of background try to work your exploits in Nentir Vale into your background...if you have access to the H series of modules you are welcome to use details for those. I'm happy to share synopses for those adventures if needed.

[Sources allowed]
Anything available through Character Builder.

I will be taking two applicants, one Striker and one Controller.

I will close the advertisement thread on February 19th at midnight or with at least three days notice if interest seems to be drying up.

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