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Evil Tidings: An Andurian Campaign

Lykarde Island has long been a place where refugees from the war can call home. Any of the living races can be found here though Humans are the majority on most of it. Teiron is the self proclaimed capitol of the island and serves as a major port for people coming and going to the island. The island is a primarily peaceful place to live though is filled with people hurt by the war on the main continent. Settlements range out around the island but never far in for the forests are filled with many dangers. The Garteen seem to be the only ones who can live with in the forest with out rousing what ever force keeps the rest at bay.

On the other side of the island is the rogue port Ashtar, home of the Assassins Guild. All who live in Ashtar do so with the Guild's protection and permission. The city is rather peaceful considering it contains many of the dregs of society. Just about anything can be found in Ashtar for the right price.

Setting: You are an assassin working with in the Hand, an Elite Guild located on Lykarde Island. The Leader of the guild has recently vanished and as a trusted member the the Hand you have been selected to investigate.
Campaign Size: A couple months, has the option of going longer if the group wants to continue beyond original plot.
Players wanted:4-7
Co Gm: Considering a partner, PM me if you're interested

Flavor: Maps, history, unique pantheon, unique races
Mix of roll and roleplay
combat and intrigue

Character Creation D&D3.5e

Player Handbooks 1,2
Complete ""
Drow of Underdark
Ask if you want other sources. I will consider them.

Races are handled differently in Anduria than in D&D

*Feline Anthro
*Complete Anthro
*Higher Humans

Details on unique racial bonuses and traits will be in the forum

About the DM:I have been a roleplayer for about 10 yrs and have been a DM in PbP games occasionally. This campaign is based off a PbP game I created years ago. I'm into sci fi and fantasy and enjoy creating storylines. I hope to improve my storytelling by DMing small campaigns until I am ready to start on larger campaigns. I am online most of the time as I work from home and am a very active roleplayer.

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