Fate Stay Night - Throne of Heroes

Game Description

=== System ===

Loose adaptation created through the Savage Worlds system, mixed with some elements of the previous Exalted Variant I had created for Fate Stay Night during the Servants of the Grail War campaign.

=== Setting ===

(While this campaign is based off of an Anime/Visual Novel, it will not follow the anime nor do the players have to have knowledge about them.)

A decade ago, toward the end of the 4th Holy Grail War, portions of Fuyuki City was consumed by a massive fire. The flames razed a large portion of the city and took countless lives, amongst the chaos, it wasn't clear if a victor had been decided, nor if there was a wish placed upon the Holy Grail as it was summoned to the world.

The grail war is a war-stricken competition of blood and determination held every sixty years by numerous families of Magi. Each magi carries with them a desire to compete and obtain the Holy Grail in order to grant a wish or desire that lies deep within their heart. In an effort to attain victory, they perform a summoning ritual in hopes of attaining a like-minded powerful Servant to aid them. Servant's are the incarnations of legendary warriors, heroes and mythological denizens. They serve their Masters in an effort to attain the Holy Grail, hoping to be granted a wish that they could not achieve in their lifetimes. Whether it is for repentance, vengeance, or immortality, the pact between Servant and Master is made in hopes of attaining their deepest wish.

Given the laws of the pact made between Master and Servant, the summoner is imbued with a rune made up of three parts. Typically the rune is placed on the Master's hand, however, it can be located anywhere on their body. As the servant fights and encounters near death situations, a Master may use one of these runes to force the Servant to obey them. The master will then lose that rune for the remainder of the campaign. A master can use a rune to force a Servant to do their bidding even if it is against their will and beliefs, example being, sending a heroic servant out to murder innocents in order to obtain the needed mana for fighting. When the runes are used up, the pact between the Servant and Master has ended. The Master may reform a pact with a Servant who has no master, but often, the Servant will kill off their former master for using their power against their will.

As time continued, Magi gathered from throughout the world in hopes of claiming the Holy Grail in order to grant one wish or desire for themselves. Due to the chaos instilled by the conclusion of the 4th Holy Grail War, the mana surrounding the area failed to dissipate properly and wound up setting the stage for the 5th Holy Grail War. Unlike the previous grail wars, many dormant magi families have awoken to their powers and find themselves immersed into the long held tradition between the seven original families of magi. As a result, this grail war will prove to be the most intensive and ruthless one yet, as numerous families enter with their newly summoned servants, the war has escalated beyond the competition of the seven magi families.

Faced with much opposition, difficulties and hardships, you have awoke to your long dormant heredital gifts. You are a Magi, in more than just name, but with such power, you must face the consequences of your actions for seeking the Grail.


This grail war will take place in the same setting as the anime (Fate/Stay Night), however, the main characters will be accessable and in fact defeatable and killable by the players too. They may or may not have the same servants as they did in the Anime, as players can likewise call them.

I encourage players to create their own servants if possible, using the numerous histories and legends, as this will make for a much more enriched campaign.

Best of luck to all the Magi, much like the previous wars, there is no rules or restrictions by which you must abide. Remember, only one servant/master can win the Grail in the end.

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