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Cruising through the streets, following the armored van, you see just how much of a war zone Raccoon has become already. It's unreal: there is destruction and death everywhere. You see a man running for his life down one of the side streets, but by the time you see him, it's too late, as he trips and the things chasing him descend ravenously upon him. Fires burn where people have deliberately set them or they ignited in the chaos of fierce fighting.

And that fighting is madness. There are too many others to get in the car, too much all happening at once as the world sinks into grinning Hell. You pass by groups of people, dozens of them in the park, fighting viciously with a large mob of swaying, stumbling monsters in human skin. Screams of the dying that closed windows cannot shut out pierce the night. The police in the van ahead constantly boom instructions over the loudspeaker but do not stop, not even when one of the zombies one had better hope they're zombies stumble into the road. The van hits them with a SMACK and keeps going as they crumple under the wheels. The police direct any that can hear their voice to proceed to one of the designated evacuation points and defended areas: RPD Station, Raccoon Zoo, the University and several other places. Few have much choice, as fatigue and fear claim reason and dull senses.

Hi, and welcome to my build thread! I'm going to be statting up heroes and villains from many different series in the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying system. Since I specialize in video game character builds, expect to see a lot of that here. The traditional heroes will be well covered, believe me. I'll also be writing up sample scenarios and fights that are devised by me but rolled out and played out spontaneously for some exciting action. I hope you enjoy the builds.

Welcome to Raccoon City!

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