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This campaign is a free form demon hunting campaign. Yes I'd like you to hunt demons, yes I'd like you to kill demons, but their are side quest, story arches, and other shenanigans that aren't demon related.

Character Creation:
Race: Any Race with a LA of 0-2.
Level: 6.
Starting gold: as a 6th lvl from DMG starting gold table.
Stats: 1d10+8 for all stats, and 9s become 10s (the stat not the roll).
Classes: Any.
Books: Any 3.5 supplement, and 3.0 but pass it by me first.
Alignment: Any but CE.
Post rate: Try once a day.

Out of Game Info: If I don't post once a day I'm busy because I'm currently in A school for Navy Hospital Corpsman but as of now I should be able to at least post once a day. I will look for a secondary DM just in case if I need to make a prolonged absence. So if you are interested in side DMing in case I must part please post in the Side DM thread. I do have one requirement. You can not be a player due to sensitive info that may be quest related.

Other then that prep your blades, don your armor, memorize your spells the abyss awaits for your blood.

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