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Aglarond is a land under siege. Although most of its inhabitants don't realise it, their lives are under constant threat. Thay's influence casts a dark shadow over the land, and the threat of wild beasts and creatures from the plains is barely held at bay by the diminishing Green Drake Army. Troubles across all the Sea of Fallen Stars threaten to spill over into the land too.

During these dark times, people try to live their lives day by day as best they can. For the Earl of Forest Edge, his days have just gotten darker. His younger sister was visiting the Temple of Chauntea in the small village of of Bleak Hill. New has reached him of her dissapearance, and his is beyond himself. He cares greatly for sister and has summoned you to set out to the village to search for her. Whispers of the unliving reach your ears, and the Earl fears the worst.

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