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Its yet another blistering hot day in Oregon Country in the NorthWestern United States. As it usually is around high noon, everyone is in doors or taking shelter in the meager shade of the surrounding buildings of Lena. An out of tune piano plunks out an almost recognizable song from the only saloon. Just outside it, near the hitching post, stands a large wooden announcement board. Such notices are usually put up on building walls near the jail. This one, however, stands alone... and is new. Large wanted posters are stapled to it, depicting not a face, but a crime.

Grave Robbers
The town of Lea will pay $100 for each head of the gang responsible for the string of grave robbings. See Joe Blackstone for details.

A tumbleweed rolls past the board, a painful simile of the help the town is getting... who will stand up against this desicration? Who will put these delinquents in jail? Who will get rich doing it?

Setting & BackgroundLoosely based on American Old West. Its the general flavour of the game, but not canon.

Lena is a small, impromptu town in the meeting of two valleys made by the relatively tame, dry mountains. It is one of the few towns along the Oregon Trail in this area. And, as such, is quite a spot for travelers.

It is a dry region with sand and dessert prairie being common. Although there are some lush prairies a few days journey away.

SystemWe will be using a Microlite20 variant called Owl Hoot Trail for this game. ML20 is a rules light system based on OGL content. Its free, its variants are free, and its easy to learn.

You can pick up the rules here. Scroll to the bottom and see there are 2 2012 volumes. Owl Hoot Trail is on page 785 of Volume I. There is only 22 pages of rules... which includes everything for players, GM's, and newbies alike.

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