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Night falls early.

In the city Crannagan, five children make their way back home for the day, from work, from play, from schooling.

A tabby cat whose fur shines golden light unto the darkness awakens, and offers each a gift.

There is but one condition:


In the distance, the night's darkness screams.

Magical Children Dungeon Crawlers is about to begin.

It's been near two thousand years since the First Draconic War, where mankind stood up to the Draconic tyrants that once ruled the land of Maripose. The capital of man's Imperium, Crannagan, stands upon the continent's westmost shore, the site of the decisive battle where the First Emperor Sigmar led the alliance and man and dwarf to drive the last of the beasts from the continent. Since then, a descendent of his bloodline has ruled the lands of man, half worshipped as children of a young god.

It has been forty years since the Second Draconic War, where the dragons sent a bastard race of dragon and human to conquer the continent once more in their name. Thirty six since the Nazzadi discovered the truth of their heritage, and turned cloak upon their masters in a spiteful act of defiance. Twelve since Amaty Volani, daughter of the General Toja Volani, was wed to Emperor Berwyn Pendragon, and cemented the union between the two peoples. And eleven years have passed since the birth of their first child, the Princess Vivy Pendragon.

Darkness is gathering once again. The Sorceror-Scientists of the great universities feel a gloom weighing down upon the ebbing of magic, though rumors of it are kept to a whisper. At long last, powers as ancient as those wielded by Sigmar are coming awake, readying a generation of heroes for the coming war.

So, as the cat said: Prepare.

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