And They Shall Rise to Prevail

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Game Information
  • Created Feb 22 '12
  • Last Post Mar 27 '12 at 9:36pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder
  • Setting Golarion

Game Description

And They Shall Rise to Prevail is an adventure for 6 characters in the Pathfinder game and Golarion setting. Brought to a remote location, the six must work together to survive, with no knowledge of one another or their skills. With no food to eat, water to drink or gear to protect them, survival is the key point in this adventure. There is no definite ending here and may continue indefinitely.

Character Creation

When it comes to character creation, I usually tend to keep things relatively simple. And while I will not be getting extravagant this time around, I will be allowing a bit more when it comes to creation. Read on to find out exactly what is and is not allowed for character creation for this game.

We will be using the Pathfinder SRD for this game. Only Paizo non-third party rules will be allowed. Any third party information found on the SRD is strictly forbidden for character generation!

Important: Post your applications in a private manner to me! Secrecy and character development through the unknown is a key aspect to this campaign. If you do not make your application private, you will not be accepted.

This is more of a role-playing game than a roll-playing game. There will be combat of course to keep things interesting, but there will be lots and lots of proper role-playing expected from everyone.

Posting requirements: All players are expected to post at least once a day during the week. Posting on the weekends will not be required and I will not guarantee that I will respond to posts on the weekends either. The weekends are my time with the lady, and those generally don't get interrupted for anything.

Races/Classes: Any of the Core races on the SRD will be allowed. Any of the classes on the SRD that are not third-party material will be allowed. However, do keep in mind that you have absolutely NOTHING on you. This may cause problems for some casters, alchemists and possibly gunslingers. Other classes may have issues as well, but more so these classes. You may still take them if you desire, but the nature of the campaign will make it more difficult on you than others.

Alignment/Character Combat: When it comes to alignment, I will allow any other than Chaotic Evil. Remember, I will only be accepting a limited number of evil characters, if I feel they will work within the confines of this campaign. It will cause problems if everyone is evil. Conflict is another large portion of this campaign. Characters may possibly eventually kill one another, but do not attempt within the first few days of the game.

Starting Equipment: Do not bother purchasing any starting items. You will never see them. All you have at the beginning of the game is the peasants clothes you are wearing and a headache approximately the size of the island you are stranded on.

Starting Level: To allow for the most character development in this setting, characters will be starting at level 1 and growing from there.

Roll your stats in the thread here: Remember, again keep these rolls private. Nothing about your character should ever be shown to another player. Your characters will not be related to one another or know one another in any way.

The application!

Character Name:
(Give me your starting class and your idea for future progression. I do not want an exact detailed list of how you are going to progress, just an idea of where you wish to head. It can always change as your characters personality changes within the game itself.)
(For this I am looking for a detailed background with a well developed character Idea. Tell me who they where before this island. Where are they from? Who is their family? Their friends? Enemies? Did they own any animals? What kind of flaws do they have personality wise? You do not have to answer these specific questions, they are just an example. This is the biggest portion of your application, and I spend the most time on this when deciding to take a character or not.)
The last thing your character remembers: (Give me a brief or intricate description of the last moments or hour of your characters memory before they woke up here.)

If you have any questions, direct them to the questions topic of the game forum here:

Where to post apps: When posting your application, please create your own private thread within the game forum. Once all characters have been decided upon I will save all apps to a private thread for myself, delete the originals to clear the forum and use them for future reference as well as find new players should we lose any through the course of the game.

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