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In this campaigh you will be a young drow by drow standards. Yes you will be a drow, not a half drow or any other race. You will be a part of a house with fellow conspirators/competitors. This house is the lowest of nine, the matron founded it by Lolths will. So she is a powerful and Lolth worthy matron.

You however are still young, you will be third lvl. If your female you will be more important than your male counterparts. If for some reason you really dont want to be a drow you are a slave. So your property no more important than a pack lizard.
If you dont want to play a character that is afraid of there matron mother and intimidates the slaves and can be ruthless and know your place this will not be the right campaign for you.

Sources Accepted.
Races of/Phb/phbII/dmg/dmgII/drow of the underdark/Case by case on anything else-try not to have anything else. No psionics dont ask.

If your character dies, they might...then we can discuss other things as i will get to know you as a player and you get to know me as a gm.

Again your matron is to be feared and respected she may even punish you just for failing her, or give you to lolth to show her devotion. Make yourself important helpful and have a plan. Secrets save lives in the underdark.

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