The Price of Freedom

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Freedom is a privelege, not a right. Ponder this as you are escorted in chains to your new life, a black company soldier, a criminal (or so they say) with only one option to live; fight for the imperial army as a suicide soldier or face the gallows or the chopping block.

Whether through mistaken identity, lazy guards or the inconceivable idea that you might have actually done it; you have been convicted of a crime severe enough that there can be no clemency in the minds of the state, in times of peace your life would be over but this is no peaceful age, you have no choice but to join the death squads of the empire as it battles its enemies. Dispensable, despised and desperate; you are the empires solution to its declining military during times of war.

For the weak this is a sure death sentence as any, for the strong it is one last chance, one opportunity to survive and live once more, waiting for their moment of glory and freedom.

But remember, the cost is high, and at worst all you gain is a fleeting illusion.

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