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In the city of Akhara there is a nondescript building.
It looks like a medium sized bunkhouse, a travel stop for the average Joe, the swinging sign out front says "The Tattered Devil".
However it seems to have the same patrons all the time and they are indeed an odd and dangerous looking bunch, wielding weapons that seem odd at best, useless at worst. Always muttering charms and talking about fairytales.
No-one really bothers with the Tattered Devil of its patrons, unless they have a problem. A very specific problem. A monster problem.

For the tattered Devil is the front for the hunters guild. They quietly keep the denizens of Akhara safe from the evil just out of sight and battle seemingly impossible foes, for a price.

Whatever the reason, you find yourself joining the ranks of the hunters, welcome to the guild.

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