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Game Information
  • Created Mar 13 '12
  • Last Post Oct 17 '17 at 12:37am
  • Status Running
  • System GURPS

Game Description

The World as we knew it has long been forgotten,ravaged by war,pestilence,famine and certainly death.
No one now seems to know why we fought?,or for how long? or even if we are still fighting.

But not all descended into destruction and from them great achievements and monuments to mankind arose,some say at too greater cost.

The Wars of Science,Faith and Ideology scarred the Earth,and they altered the people in mind,body and spirit.
Lost Arts began reappearing in the forms of what could only be deemed magic ,some kept to the old beliefs of what they knew ,and others embraced this knowledge manipulating it into whatever they desired.

That was the time of the rising of the Great Guild Houses,and what is now our history.

disclaimer! this game is a game based on real world current events ,and prophecies of the future,mixed with a bit of paranormal.
The world concept in it,is not meant to be offensive to anyone of any particular ethnic background,but more so to set the background to the games current timeline. If you view it as offensive,please do not apply.

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