Into the Mist: The Quest for Shadowborn

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Enter the Blackstag Saga; Volume II

A shroud of mist and fog surround you out of nowhere, a feeling of dread creeps down your spine as you begin to feel a cold chill in the air. Something is horribly amiss as all of this fowl weather has seemed to come from nowhere and surrounded you with what would be the equivalent to feeling like a damp, dank, dark, basement. The fog and mist continue to thicken, and the moisture begins to bead off of your skin and run down the back of your neck, just as that horrible feeling of dread begins to return and you could swear that someone was watching you, almost standing right behind you. When you turn there is no one there only more fog and more mist. Panic begins to set in as you quickly realize you have no idea where you are and even the very ground you walk on has begun to change right under your feet. Something touches your shoulder, like a thin bony hand, but yet again, no one is there. The sweat, whether from panic or from sheer humidity of this mysterious mist continues to pour off of your skin. The grime that was still left over from the last battle you fought, seems to run and begins to itch under the cloths (or armor) that you now wear. And despite your best efforts the one thing you cannot shake is the overwhelming feeling of dread that has seeped its way into your bones.

Finally as the mist begins to clear, and the fog begins to lift you realize you are no longer where you started.

Welcome to the Domain of Dread, welcome to Ravenloft!

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