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Long at odds for various reasons, the High King Derid Kendrick of Caer Callidyr and High Lady Ordalf of Sarifal have temporarily put aside their differences to deal with the growing threat on Moray. The Black Blood Tribe has grown too dangerous to ignore any longer, and their bloodthirsty cult has begun to spread to the other islands. Thus the human and fey have sent a selection of their troops to investigate the matters. Three ships have set sail for Caer Moray under the orders to deal with the problems via any means necessary.

This group will contain 4-5 characters at level 3. All will be either fey or humans, I'd like two of each, unless a compelling reason is given for being in the Moonshaes. The characters will begin by reporting to their superiors but will advance through the ranks as the game goes on. This will be a combat heavy game, though there will be investigation and intrigue depending on the characters' actions.

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