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After the fall of Llurth Drier, many drow located in Great Bhaerynden became isolated raiders struggling to survive. Without the favor of their goddess or the support of a full house, they did anything necessary in order to live in the Underdark. Many moved to the less dangerous portions of the Upperdark, though death was almost as common.

Among them was House Dergan, a middling power in the city before it was destroyed. Surviving for sometime they were eventually destroyed when they tried to retake some of their lost treasures from the Oozing Ruin. Only a few survived to try and continue their meager existence. No longer did they have much fear of betrayal from within as all remaining knew they needed every ounce of strength in order to last in their treacherous home.

This game will consist of 4-5 level 5 characters who are all that is left of House Dergan. I will allow 1 slave former slave or ally from a different race, though the rest should be drow. At least 1 of the characters should be female, preferably a cleric but that is not required. This will be a dark and dangerous game, but the group will not really be in a position to betray each other early on. As they are houseless, they will not be readily accepted in major drow cities and their enemies will be all to glad to hunt them. They know that their only options are remaining as an isolated raiding party down below or venturing to the surface to try and make their way in a world they know little about.

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