The End of Time

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  • Created Mar 18 '12
  • Last Post Nov 22 '13 at 1:06am
  • Status Complete
  • System Savage Worlds

Game Description

Game DescriptionPost-Apocalyptic survival featuring zombies, in the vein of The Walking Dead. The focus here will be on survival, realism, character development and the moral implications of a total societal breakdown.

The game will be 80% roleplay 20% combat.

This is an open world, sandbox style game relying heavily on character choice.

The Story So FarIt has been a week since the dead started rising. Everything was normal up until people started attacking each other. Within just a few days 90% of the population had turned into mindless zombies. Society completely collapsed within a matter of hours; now simple things like food, water and medicine have become precious commodities.

Our story started in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The survivors congregated in a safe zone set up in a hotel by the National Guard. In addition to the threat of the undead, Army troops in the area have become openly hostile towards the civilians and National Guard troops.

There are currently 3 separate storylines available to join.

Jason's Storyline: A brilliant high school kid that has used his intellect to stay alive. After surviving the initial chaos of the outbreak, Jason has fled the city of Chattanooga with his sister and mother to the smaller city of Lafayette, Georgia where he has joined another survivor group. Jason must now face the challenge of not only staying alive himself but protecting his mother and sister as well.

Jonnie's Storyline: Jonnie is a nomadic, outlaw biker who became trapped in Chattanooga when the dead started walking. After seeing all but 1 of the members of his gang die, Jonnie has fled the city and is heading to the west coast to find his sister.

Manny's Storyline: Manny is a young, tough hockey player who was on vacation with 2 of his teammates when he became stranded in the city of Chattanooga. After losing 1 of his friends to the undead, Manny was captured by hostile Army troops and imprisoned.

Application ProcessCreate your character using the standard Savage Worlds character creation process. In addition, all characters start with 10 XP. Then fill out the form below and post it in a new thread here along with a link to your character sheet.

Overview: A one-sentence description of your character concept
Character Name:
Occupation: What you did before the dead started walking again.
Play by: Choose an actor or actress that best represents your character. This is optional.
Body Type:
Inventory: What the character has on them *before* the dead rise, not after
General Personality:
Relations: This is IMPORTANT. Everybody has family.

Additional InformationPosting Rates: 1/Day. No requirement on the weekends.
Language: Please replace all curse words with asterisks. And remember, a carefully placed explicative has more force than a string of mindless profanity.
Explicit Content: Keep anything that would receive an R rating implied.
House Rules: We have just a few minor House Rules.
Misc: No god modding or meta gaming.

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