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Sierria has had a turbulent overall history and due to large scale wars, wide spread destruction and magical catastrophes much of this history is completely lost. Most civilizations on Sierria's surface do not last more then a couple hundred years and population is generally low. The lack of civilization has lead to a more widely varied racial population mix. There is no particular racial domination overall. At times it has been elf, orc, lizardfolk or human but like most of the grand civilizations they have fallen and the majority population with them.

Coexistence between races is slightly better then say, faerun, but it is hardly peaceful. While there is a higher rate of goblins living next door to halflings for example it is only because in the wake of devastation survival demands adaptation. Even if it means humans accept aid from lizardfolk who only thirty years past had been the reason the humans were devastated.

Eathom is a massive multiplayer sandbox style play by post D&D 3.5 game with player driven stories and adventures.

This is not your standard game. There are no preformed groups, set adventure paths or players accepted limit. Your story is your own and I am 'merely' providing you a world to shape it. What your character does is completely up to you. That being said this is a living breathing world and all your actions will have consequences. Some of them far more reaching then others.

In order to establish order in the Adventures in Sierria there will be very basic character creation to start. New books and advancement paths opening to those who stick around to earn them. Think of it as an achievement rewards system. For example after reaching level three I will award you with the use of the 'Completes' series. Now you might ask 'won't that mess up character builds?' Simple answer, No. Along with certain achievements I will grant free retraining allowing feat and skill point swapping so you can qualify for that awesome PRC in the book you just unlocked. More on the achievement system can be found in the Players Guide.

Interested? Say so here and then check out these informative threads. This isn't a request. If you wish to play in this game you must understand the basics.

Applications - Creation Guidelines
Players Guide - Game Rules and Handbook

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