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Game Information
  • Created Mar 25 '12
  • Last Post May 12 '12 at 8:47pm
  • Status Complete
  • System GURPS
  • Setting Future/Sci Fi

Game Description

NOTE: This game, due to real-life circumstances, will only update sporadically on weekdays. I'd like to see at least two posts a day from every player on weekends, though.

This game will be set in a fictional Sci-Fi universe of my own creation. I'll say this up front: I've got no idea how it's going to play out. I'm going to write by the seat of my pants. You'll have pretty much complete freedom. I'll put in quest hooks as I think of them, of course, but mostly I want you to explore.

As far as characters go, you can pretty much be anything that can be carried on a spaceship. Robot, alien, AI, uplifted dog, whatever. One note though; Earth in this universe is still in its early 21st century, and is not part of the galactic community. The tech levels are pretty diverse throughout the universe, and I'll tell you if something needs changed.

You will meet in a tavern. A SPACE tavern. One character should own/be a spaceship.

One more note about the setting: It's kind of weird. It's all over the place on the hardness scale, and the most powerful race runs its empire on The Power Of Rock.



Dimensionally Isolated: (Physical, Exotic)
75 points
Your internal machinery is in another universe entirely! Anything that affects your external form has limted to no effect on your innards; but be warned, there are weapons that are specifically designed to destroy dimensionally isolated individuals. The HP of your stuffing is kept seperately from the HP of your external 'shell', and anything that affects your shell deals 1/4th damage your internal machinery. Your effective HP is the lower of the two.

Special Enhancements:

Totally Dimensionally Isolated: +25 points
Nothing that affects your shell can affect your internal organs at all!

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