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An AD&D 2nd Edition game.

In the far west of Eorth, the kingdom of Albion sits, in a state of war versus its neighbour Gallica. Hedrik king of Albion claims the throne of Gallica and having invaded Gallica, Albish forces now control the Duchy of Burgony. A watchful peace exists broken by intermittent skirmish and battle. In a land at war of man versus man few give thought to the war of Light versus Dark, yet the war of the gods has raged on since Eorth was formed, not simply in the spiritual sense but fought in the physical world by mortal agents of the gods.

In the north of Albion in the city of Effricham sits Bishop Gareth. An old man now, yet Gareth is possessed of a rare wit and intellect, as the worldly rulers seek to gain ascendance Gareth recruits soldiers for the war against the dark, shadow warriors, warriors who stand in the shadows to uphold the light. Some are men of honour and courage others are men who will be given the chance to redeem themselves; men who face the block for heinous crimes yet who Gareth knows have a seed of decency within them.

I am looking for 4-6 characters, preferably with a strong background write-up. Characters could be described as anything from honourable knights through to scurvy knaves.


  • No evil characters.
  • No non-European characters N.B. this is just because I donít have a great handle on those cultures so want to restrict to what I know and am comfortable with.

  • This will be a relatively low magic game, characters with any spell casting ability will form a tiny minority of the population, 1% seems about right.
  • Magic items will be very rare, although I am adding homebrew rules for item quality to compensate somewhat.
  • Characters start at 3rd level or the equivelant for the class/es based on 5,400 XPs inclusive of any bonus for high ability scores.
  • Demi-humans can multi-class in any combination of the classes allowable to their race, no racial level limits, however they receive no XP bonus for high attributes!

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