Burning Pines

Game Masters

Game Information
  • Created Mar 30 '12
  • Last Post Jul 26 '13 at 11:57am
  • Status Complete
  • System GURPS

Game Description

You awaken to the closed confines of a jail cell, wearing a bracelet and feeling your head trying to explode with a head ache. How you go here is beyond you. The guards are a small group of goblins with very little understanding of common. The first few days in the cell were quiet. A new guard arrives, a orc. He wears the markings of a blade blade on a greet banner. The stone work of the cell is centuries old. Your bodies are unscarred and beautiful. You have noticed that no one in the cell has more than an odd blanket for protection. The orc only speaks to the goblins, the words that you are able to make out fall into the lines of prisoners, Lord, and kill.

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