The Darkness Inside

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Only Allowable Classes

Blue Dragon
Pit Fiend
Horned Devil
White Dragon
Angel of Decay

Here's the kicker.

Your race is human. You are entirely human. However, when challenged, stressed or pushed to your limit- you transform into something straight out of your own nightmares.

Human Form:

Must be of good alignment
Takes HP from the form that lurks within
Takes Saves from the form that lurks within
Takes Skill Points from the force that lives within
May voluntarily shift, but at the start of the game this should be something you do NOT want to do.

Monster Form:

Alignment shifts immediately to Evil
Everything else remains what that class gains you

Proviso: I expect that at least ONE character will attempt the Solar. This will be an extremely HARD option to choose. You are directly and intrinsically tied to your "monster" brethren. You will NEVER be able to kill them just as they will NEVER be able to kill you. But when you shift- they will be paragons of evil, you will be a paragon of good.

I will guarantee that at least one Solar character will be accepted. The others are entirely who has the best application (even if that means choosing two of the same type)

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