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This is a sandbox type game for up to 6 players with a focus on writing and imagination. Battle scenes will be bloody and violent. Death is always lurking so be prepared for that. I am looking for committed roleplayers to whom can post daily... Advancement should be fairly rapid for the first 3 levels depending on posting and ingenuity. Bonus XP awards on offer for good roleplaying

ECL 2 with 1 level in an NPC class and 1 heroic level (no room for LA or LA buyoff)
Stats 6m4d6r2v1 or 32pt buy (roll then buy if you wish) (Amendment)
Equip Starting Wealth 1,000 gp worth of gear you can carry comfortably.

Sourcebooks allowed

  • Classes PH, DMG, UA only (no exceptions)
    Class variants Any CORE based variants allowed from any 3.5 WoTC sourcebooks*
  • Races PH base races only, variants allowed from any 3.5 WoTC sourcebooks*
  • Feats Any 3.5 WoTC sourcebooks*
  • Gear Any 3.5 WoTC sourcebooks*

(* pending DM and concept approval)

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