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The Initiative: Massachusetts is a super-hero campaign based on the Superhuman Registration Act and the subsequent Fifty State Initiative.

The setting will be the state of Massachusetts, primarily centered on the city of Boston. The player characters will all be registered superhumans and recent graduates of Camp Hammond. The player characters have been assigned as a team to the greater Boston-area, and serve S.H.I.E.L.D. as agents of the government, and to ensure the Superhuman Registration Act is maintained and enforced for the entire state.

This campaign will utilize the Marvel Superheroes Advanced Game as originally published by TSR. Game materials for all accepted players are available from the website; Classic Marvel Forever. There are fan-edited and updated versions of the core books for game play and character generation, which can be found on the Classic Marvel Forever website. The books are labeled Skycutter's Player's Handbook, Skycutter's Judge Handbook , and Skycutter's Ultimate Powers Book. These can be located under;
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