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  • Created Apr 7 '12
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Title is tentative. Welcome to the awesome world of Spirit of the Century!

For those of you who have played before, I am planning for the game to have a somewhat more realistic/grittier tone than your typical game, but there is still room for whatever kind of character you are looking to make.

For those of you who have not played before, the system can be found here:

I am looking for 4-5 players who are willing to rotate the gm responsibilities, though I will of course supervise the first adventure.

Posting rate will be low on weekdays (sorry) but high on the weekends, so if you are worried about not being able to post a whole lot, don't.

Most of all, I am looking for players who are creative with their characters, and want to actively direct the story.

So here's some flavor to (hopefully) get you excited.

The setting sun glares viciously off the shell of a passing airship. For a moment, light erases the fading Manhattan skyline, then, blinking with colored dots, the image returns to the man in the window. A simple desk fills a tiny fraction of the man's office, the rest being dedicated to the emptiness that is supposed to fill the offices of the rich and powerful. The temple to his success seems a particularly cruel joke tonight. A simple brandy fills the hand of a farmer's son, risen by his works to a lofty perch of glass and marble. Now all his life teeters on the edge of a globally conspicuous failure, and with all options exhausted an unfamiliar fear bends his face from its normal hawkish self assurance. The man fails to react to the glaring tangerine beauty before him, as he is standing in dread of his assistant, who will soon cross the broadening gap of silence which separates his dire news and something even worse, his plea for decision.
“The Wharfhouse”
The board would quaver, and they did not even know.
“There won't be enough.”
“I'll have to ask for more”
This sent the assistant scuttling, he was clever, meticulous, discrete and somewhat cowardly, all prerequisites for an excellent secretary at this level of work. The assistant also knew enough to know that his employer would not want him in the room for the call he was about to make. Shuffling into the hallway, he checked with the switchboard again, but there were no messages. Their best agent was now unequivocally unresponsive. A prickling sensation ran up the assistant's neck, and he knew a sweat stain would soon soil his shirt. He would have to go outside the firm for help.

Post interest, suggestions or character ideas here, and I will try to relearn this forum stuff as quickly as possible (forgot to mention I have been out of it for a while, so bear with me).

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