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The Module Project

Mission: To develop and publish an original, fully functional, and introductory DnD 3.5e adventure for use on MythWeavers

The goal of this project is really quite simple. I would like to develop an adventure that can be used to introduce players to roleplaying in a PbP setting and, if necessary, how to play the game itself. For right now, I want to stick with just DnD 3.5e rules, but in the future we may look towards producing modules for other systems.

As a project, this is a massive undertaking with many positions that need to be filled. Past attempts at such projects have met with defeat as people commit to a project that they really don't have time for. To circumvent this, I intend to have people who wish to work on the project sign on in either an advisory or productive capacity. Those in the former category will be greater in number, and only required to participate in brainstorming threads. Those in the latter category will be doing most of the work, and would be making a serious time commitment to achieving the goals of this project, but also have a more direct say in the results.

I intend to complete this project in stages over a greater amount of time so as to allow for proper planning and fulfillment of all of the project's goals. The stages are as follows:
  • Conceptual: This stage will be the most creative. In it we will resolve the major direction of the plot, who the bad guys will be, pregenerated playable characters, world history, and a timeline of major world events. All of this will be done through open discussion.
  • Writing, Art, and Cartography: This stage will be performed mainly by those who have agreed to sign on in a productive capacity. In it we will produce actual text and images that will be going into the game module. This will probably be the most time consuming.
  • Play Testing: This stage will be centered around groups of GM's and PC's that would like to participate in trying out the module. During this stage any feedback will be evaluated and, if necessary, adjustments will be made.
  • Pre-Publication: This stage will be entirely about proof reading and formatting. This stage will be performed at a much later date so the need for participants in this area is relatively low at the moment.
  • Publication: This is the final stage and will result in any and everything possible being done to get this masterpiece out there. All credits will be given to individuals who participate.

As of right now, what I am really interested in is getting people signed up for the various positions available. If you are interested in a productive position, you need to PM me a sample of the appropriate material. Here is what we need (Almost all of these positions are available in Advisory and Productive capacities):
  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Cartographers
  • Proof Readers
  • Formatting Specialists
  • Mechanic Specialists

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